Building site

Based on imported or newly created geometry the building site and its zoning regulations (density, max height, setbacks, etc.) are defined. Using the building site configuration volumetric variations, that take the maximal site envelope into consideration, can be explored. Automatically generated solutions can be serve as foundation for further exploration. Visual representations and statistical values are constantly updated. If the predefined housing templates are used, the number of apartments and circulation cores are included in the statistics.


The maximal envelope allowed by the building site and its zoning regulations can be displayed. The envelope is created based on given building lines and setback lines, the configurable options are designed to reflect different kinds of regulatory tools.

Konfiguration des Lichtraumprofils

Building masses

Volumetric studies can be created by placing individual building masses. The user can select between point masses, linear masses, fishbone masses and matt masses. Parametric properties are used to create a volume from a given footprint.

Point masses can additionally be setup with various forms of roofs.


Building masses are automatically trimmed by the site envelope, statistical values are updated accordingly. Thereby building masses can be tapered or stepped.

If trimming is not desired, the building mass can also be treated as an immutable block. Eva will then make sure the mass does not protrude from the defined envelope. Required lighting separation between building masses is also taken into consideration. 

Trimmen eines Baukörpers an einem ausgeblendetem Lichtraumprofil


With Eva you can save time managing your space allocation program, and while exploring the solution space for mass placement and floorplan configurations.