Space allocation program

Using the program manager space allocation programs can be imported. In tabular or visual displays spaces can be categorized and grouped. Lighting requirements can be modified, and spaces can be assigned to specific levels of the building. Additional spaces may be added and those that are superfluous can be removed.

The program manager is connected to the floor plan generator.

Group & Categorize

Spaces can be assigned to levels, grouped and categorized using 'Drag and Drop' operations. The target area and actual area of spaces as well as their aggregated sums are available at any time.


Data such as target area, level allocation, numbers systems, names and others can be imported from tabular formats.

The space allocation program can be exported at any time along with additional statistical information. Target area, actual area, circulation area and more are taken into consideration.


With Eva you can save time managing your space allocation program, and while exploring the solution space for mass placement and floorplan configurations.