Floor plans

The floor plan configurator generates layouts based on the information taken from the space allocation program as well as from the building site module. Solutions may be explored and edited interactively. Circulation areas and void spaces can be added and will be taken into account. Spaces can be locked in position while exploring further options. The floor plans can be printed or exported for further editing.

Drag and Drop

Specialized operations may be applied to Eva space objects. While dragging a space it will automatically modify to best fit the current location.

Boundary and circulation

The boundary and the circulation system are taken into consideration while automatically placing spaces. Boundaries are taken from building masses or from dedicated boundary objects. Circulation spaces may be added manually.

Layouting spaces

In order to check space assignment quickly, floors can be filled with spaces automatically. Size, lighting constraints and groups used to find solutions.


Target area and actual area are displayed and updated constantly. Color indicators enable an immediate overview. The respective sums of the levels are also calculated.


With Eva you can save time managing your space allocation program, and while exploring the solution space for mass placement and floorplan configurations.