Leere Bauplatzansicht


Using the program manager space allocation programs (.xls oder .csv) can be imported. In tabular or visual displays spaces can be categorized and grouped. Lighting requirements can be modified, and spaces can be assigned to specific levels of the building. Additional spaces may be added and those that are superfluous can be removed. The program manager is connected to the floor plan generator.


Based on imported or newly created geometry the building site and its zoning regulations (density, max height, setbacks, etc.) are defined. Using the building site configuration volumetric variations, that take the maximal site envelope into consideration, can be explored. Automatically generated solutions can be serve as foundation for further exploration. Visual representations and statistical values are constantly updated. If the predefined housing templates are used, the number of apartments and circulation cores are included in the statistics.

Floor plans

The floor plan configurator generates layouts based on the information taken from the space allocation program as well as from the building site module. Solutions may be explored and edited interactively. Circulation areas and void spaces can be added and will be taken into account. Spaces can be locked in position while exploring further options. The floor plans can be printed or exported for further editing.


With Eva you can save time managing your space allocation program, and while exploring the solution space for mass placement and floorplan configurations.