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Tired of searching through solution space with your conventional CAD tool?

A new tool for architects

The early design phase is marked by exploration: identifying the peculiarities of the program, positioning the functions on site, and finding an appropriate form. Often the designer responds by producing a multitude of variants, before choosing one as the most promising candidate. A considerable amount of time is spent on this search, leaving little time for a more detailed development of the chosen solution. Checking variants for validity faster leaves more time to develop promising solutions. Conventional CAD packages are not well equipped for this task.

Eva is a new kind of tool, specifically
designed to help you find your
favourite solution.
Natural lighting constraints are checked for each space
Key statistics are updated continuously

Eva is a software package targeted at the early design phase. It commences with program and site. Using rapid layouting techniques design approaches can be developed and tested for plausibility and feasibility. Eva offers specialized operations that allow the designer to find a layout rapidly. The interactive process is guided by the designer, additionally there are some components that offer automated and generative functionality for even quicker results. Throughout the design process, intelligent support and feedback is provided to the designer.

The project can be developed on the site level using zoning operations and mass objects, and on a floor plan level by placing space objects and checking against constraints. Eva will continuously provide all the required information, and will suggest solutions if desired.

Eva - Rapid Layouting
Automated and generative components for a more rapid search through the solution space
Ideal for early design and architectural competitions

Compared to a conventional design process, promising approaches can be singled out faster, and the designer can invest more time in developing those approaches. Eva can run as a plugin to existing CAD packages or as a stand-alone application. In either case, support for standard exchange formats guarantee that the project can be continued within a familiar environment.

Available April 2017

About us

Eva is a joint project between SWAP and Caramel Architects.
The project is funded by the Vienna business agency. A service offered by the City of Vienna.



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